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Rob’s Story: It Started with Prescriptions (Episode 1 Part 1)

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Facing Fentanyl
Facing Fentanyl
Rob's Story: It Started with Prescriptions (Episode 1 Part 1)

This is the story of Rob and the first time he experienced Fentanyl. This is a personal narrative podcast series delving into the roots of substance use disorders as a social and cultural documentary to understand the history of the medication seen through actual experience, roots of behavior and biological impacts of fentanyl on a person’s life and the options, incentives, and resources available to leave this powerful opiate behind. Listen to episode 2 here.

The following interviews depict substance use and mental health disorders including abuse, depression, suicide and trauma, If you or someone you know are suffering from these disorders, we recommend reaching out to the national prevention lifeline at suicidepreventionlifeline.org or the national alliance on mental health at nami.org. Listener discretion is advised.

We’d like to thank our sponsor La Jolla Recovery for making it possible to share about mental health. La Jolla Recovery is an evidence-based addiction treatment center providing drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs in a tailor-suited manner in San Diego, California. La Jolla Recovery believes in meeting clients where they are at, and no matter belief systems or cultural background, will develop a customized program to break away from substance use disorders in an inspiring by the sea setting with some of the most passionate and world class therapists. For more information please visit lajollarecovery.com

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