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The World is Listening. Produce a Podcast Today.

1/3 of US listens to podcasts 80% listen to completion 28% listen while driving

The World is Listening. Produce a Podcast Today.

1/3 of US listens to podcasts 80% listen to completion 28% listen while driving

What is the reach of podcasts?

  • In 2022, 62% of the US 12+ has listened to a podcast and approximately 78% are knowledgeable about podcasts.
  • 73% of the United States population 12+ have listened to online audio in the last month.
  • Over 1/3 (100 mn+) of Americans hear podcasts often.
  • 38% of those ages 12+ in the U.S. are monthly podcast listeners.
  • 43% of listeners ages 35-54, the most popular age group, are monthly podcast listeners.
  • 28% (80 million) of Americans are weekly podcast listeners.
  • Podcasting has grown exponentially.
  • Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts.

What type of audience listens to podcasts?

  • Podcast demographics do not reflect the US population yet. In 2011, 68% of podcast listeners were white which is changing on a daily basis.
  • 57% White
  • 13% African American
  • 16% Hispanic
  • 4% Asian
  • 10% Other
  • The United States accounts for 47.9% of podcast listeners, followed by the United Kingdom with 6.3%, and Canada with 5.0%

Increase Channels of Distribution

Podcasts are found in directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and Amazon. Your products, services, and organization can increase brand awareness by sharing their value in a tactful and fresh manner tailored to a unique theme and creative concept. Let 210 Digital Marketing be your podcast production company to scale your distribution and marketing efforts today.

Reach New Audiences

There is no one way to share brand awareness, part of digital distribution is a culturally sensitive way to communicate brand awareness, values, and mission to a growing audience that consumes audio in a very unique way. Let one of the biggest podcast companies, 210 Digital Marketing, be your podcast production company to increase digital brand awareness today. Mental health, healthcare, and social issues are areas to begin embracing and be a part of the conversation. Listen to one of our podcasts today.

Go Beyond the Click

The consumption level of podcasts makes audio distribution one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing. Share the value of your organization, product, or service today by letting new audiences embrace a different message beyond visual and video, adding to the client’s journey to ultimately feel and love your essence. Partner with 210 Digital Marketing podcast production companies today.

Produce, Develop and Distribute Podcasts for your healthcare Company today.

There is no reason to reinvent the audio marketing wheel.

Understanding Impactful Podcast Production

Are you interested in investing in podcast development, production, and distribution? Let 210 Digital Marketing consult and develop this powerful audio channel for your organization, product, or service.

Beyond the Customer Journey with Podcasts

One does not sell on Podcasts. You become part of the audience and meet them in their journey as a person, understanding interests, questions, desires, and current problems.

210 Digital Marketing is an award-winning audio production company that develops podcasts for healthcare organizations to share meaningful conversations and content t. Let us consult and begin the process of creating your channel or advertising through one of our channels today or share brand awareness today. Advertising on Meta, Facebook and Google and Microsoft might be important. Audio channels like podcasts are critical to your digital marketing efforts. Let 210 Digital Marketing partner with your healthcare brand and grow with one of the biggest podcast production companies in the US today. Listen to one of our healthcare podcast channels today.

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