We are not a digital marketing agency.

We are a translating trends and business analytics into revenue through data science agency.

22 years of award-winning media, data-driven mobile advertisement and hyperlocal digital marketing services with global reach.

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No. You don't have to wait to see digital marketing work. Experience results when your campaign goes live.


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The 210 Digital Marketing Difference

We don't believe in outsourcing. When you need us, we'll be there. Not waiting on the phone with a person you can't understand nor waiting for an email support ticket there. But solving your critical marketing problems in real-time there.

That’s what sets us apart. We’re like those big consulting agencies except we don’t spend your money on grotesquely expensive dinners where your margin is made fun of. We care by reinvesting and growing with you. From data research all the way to optimization. You don’t just get monthly automated reports. We empower you and your C-suite executives to evolve in decision making. Making you dependent on digital marketing is our competition’s motto. Seeing your organization thrive is ours.

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Data is the most valuable business asset. Let us put yours to work.

Data Science

Strategic empowerment for you and your C-suite healthcare executives by understanding analytics, industry trends and implementing automated cloud solutions.

Mobile Advertisement

In an over-hyped and aggressively advertised world, genuine content is hard to find and make. Not for us. Our 22 years of award-winning creative production is elevated by disruptive creativity and targeted with machine learning.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions

HIPAA compliant, algorithm-friendly distribution and BAA processed software will keep you growing with peace of mind.

Cyber Security

We've perfected secure and tailored CRM's for healthcare that prevent DDOS attacks, phishing and malware with firewall protocols for access and marketing safety.
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Analyzing industry data, developing targeted and measurable campaigns and driving audience behavior. Our digital marketing endgame explained.

Founded with the intention of communicating corporate value, culture and maximize sales growth with at par operational efficiency through content creation and seamless training, 210 Digital Marketing began as a native telemedicine marketing department that would go on to secure and scale Fortune 500 companies in North America, Latin America and the European Union. 

Let us offer you the opportunity of clear market trend insight with predictive analysis while your competition burns through their budget with strong feelings and intuition.

We provide machine learning data-driven strategies and industry-relevant advertisement by monitoring trend opportunities and optimizing channel performance.

By creating specific and targeted audience content, we significantly improve return on adspend, ROI and ultimately optimize your operational efficiency.

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Deploy globally and take opportunity of real-time world demand with the latest in digital marketing technology.

We began developing artists from discovery to the red carpet at the Grammy’s, documentaries to the silver screen and now your healthcare organization services to the forefront of the industry.

  • Award-winning and healthcare industry leading
  • Billboard, Recording Academy and Film Festival Recognition Content
  • Art Form Creatives with the Power of Data Scientist
  • Leading the Impression Share, Conversion Rate and Cost Per Conversion on Google and Facebook Advertisement
  • Extend channels to Spotify, Pandora and legacy media channels including Television and Print
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Data Science Strategy for Healthcare Companies

Experience exponential growth with analytics insight, data science strategy and mobile advertisement done right.

“We have worked with 210 Digital Marketing for 3 years now. Phenomenal company with phenomenal skills and most importantly, a phenomenal team.”

Charlene BrophyCEO Fonemed

“With video production, photography and business analytics, 210 Digital Marketing took my vacation properties from a small business to becoming the top 10 rated Airbnb hosts in the world.”

Kevin KauffmanCEO Venice Beach Rentals

“I have known their director for about 20 years and seen him morph from undergraduate to PHD candidate, to producer and director. His creativity, discipline and sense of purpose are truly impressive.”

Laurent UrentCEO


Empower your C-Suite executives and revolutionize your processes through full automation, customized CRM and real time digital business analytics

Measure and quantify

Measure and quantify your client's journey


Optimize data-driven advertising budgets as opposed to where you think they might be


Develop your most pertinent sales, marketing and operational cloud solutions to bring awareness in business decisions

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency in a remote landscape

A Global Endeavor Requires a Global Team

San Antonio – Boise – Vancouver – Mexico City – Madrid

Let’s do this. Together.

Contact us by filling out the form below so we can get to know you better and have one of our data experts reach out to schedule a meet and understand your needs, not a cookie-cutter sales push from someone nowhere to be found once you sign.